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MariaDB : South America (Sao Paulo) : db.m3.large

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price $0.235 per RDS db.m3.large instance hour (or partial hour) running MariaDB
version 20220115001426
clockSpeed 2.5 GHz
currentGeneration No
databaseEngine MariaDB
dedicatedEbsThroughput Up to 3500 Mbps
deploymentOption Single-AZ
engineCode 18
enhancedNetworkingSupported Yes
instanceFamily General purpose
instanceType db.m3.large
instanceTypeFamily M3
licenseModel No license required
location South America (Sao Paulo)
locationType AWS Region
memory 7.5 GiB
networkPerformance Moderate
normalizationSizeFactor 4
operation CreateDBInstance:0018
physicalProcessor Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge/Sandy Bridge)
processorArchitecture 64-bit
processorFeatures Intel AVX; Intel Turbo
productFamily Database Instance
regionCode sa-east-1
servicecode AmazonRDS
servicename Amazon Relational Database Service
storage 1 x 32 SSD
usagetype SAE1-InstanceUsage:db.m3.large
vcpu 2